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Well... Little D has done it again... He's boughten a product that no one else would buy.. why? cause he likes to say the name... Now there is terror in the streets... fear in the people.. and it's up too 2-D, wiht the help of Mr. Thumbs to save the day... two words... uh.. and oh...!

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October 16.........................
Already making plans for the restart...

I'm already making plans for the restart... I'm moving the site over to keenspace.. it should make things easier for me and you... This site will remain.. and I will even link to it, because this is the foundation... I've gotten 8 pages of hte new version done, and IMO they are coming out pretty decent... I like how I've added the backgrounds, and I'm shading the characters.. it does seem a little sketchy, btu I like that too... Also, i'm gonna be doing a new site layout, and i hope it works out... I'm hoping on brining back the series at the beginning of the new year, So far... Mark January 2nd on your calendar.. but not in pen, cause I may change it... Duece

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